Tag: Xbox One

Description: In 2013, Microsoft entered the eight generation of consoles with its new, flagship system, the Xbox One. Billed as the ‘all-in-one’ entertainment device, the hardware places a key emphasis on all forms of media; including TV, films and other social applications such as Skype. Having undergone a series of changes since it was first unveiled —a u-turn which removed a mandatory online check-in and some controversial DRM— the Xbox One looks to woo gamers’ hearts the world over with its impressive 8-core AMD processor and Blu-Ray drive. Though it may be the most expensive of the company’s console lineage, the Xbox One boasts some notable features such as voice command via the supplementary Kinect 2.0 and the hardware’s cloud computing server; a feature that will support the console’s physical horsepower resulting in improved and, crucially, more reliable gameplay experiences. With domestic living rooms between its crosshairs, the Xbox One can be yours for $499.

Release Date: November 22nd, 2013

Developer(s): Microsoft