The 10 Best Punisher Moments From Daredevil Season 2


Season two of Daredevil is now streaming on Netflix, and it’s fair to say that Marvel has once again delivered a real winner for fans. With plenty of action and lots of material for readers of the comic books to get excited about, one of the show’s biggest draws this year is finally getting to see their take on The Punisher after a series of failed big screen adaptations.

Fans have been counting down the days until this version of Frank Castle hits the small screen since the moment The Walking Dead‘s Jon Bernthal was cast, and the pressure has been on the actor to deliver the definitive Punisher ever since as a result. Having seen the show, it’s now fair to say that he succeeded in doing the character justice.


So, looking over this season of Daredevil, which moments featuring The Punisher stand out as the best? Here, you will find a ranking of his 10 greatest moments. Considering the fact that the character played such a massive role in the show this year, narrowing it down to just ten was no easy feat, but these were definitely the highlights…

Spoilers will follow….