Towering Titans: The 10 Greatest Members Of The Teen Titans

10) Aqualad (Garth)

One of the four founding members of the team, Aqualad is naturally the sidekick of Aquaman. Dating back to 1960 – with the Titans first coming together in 1965 –  Garth is the adopted prince of Atlantis and originally shared his king’s ability to breathe underwater and communicate with marine life.

After being transported to another dimension, however, Garth returned with a newfound proclivity for the mystic arts. He renamed himself Tempest and now possessed the power to control the temperature of water around him and to emit energy blasts from his eyes. In the pre-Flashpoint continuity, Aqualad was killed in the Blackest Night story arc. Thankfully, The New 52 brought him back to life.

Through it all, Aqualad has been a firm member of the Titans. As of DC Rebirth, Tempest is once again serving on the team as one of the elder statesmen. On screen, you might know him from his role in the Teen Titans animated show, where he’s voiced by Star Trek‘s Will Wheaton.