The 100 Review: “Unity Day” (Season 1, Episode 9)


The 100 slowed the pace way down tonight, leaving the best stuff for the end and plenty more waiting in the wings. There’s been a lot of parallelism on Earth and back on the Ark this season, and “Unity Day” was no exception. Both locations attempted to mask their struggles by putting on a happy face and celebrating a time-honored, albeit socially constructed, holiday.

On Earth, the teenagers took full advantage of their dwindling chaperone-free days because let’s face it, there’s nothing like a kegger to drive home the fact that the “civilized” humans have returned to the ground.

The festivities on the Ark, however, took a turn for the worse and much sooner than you may have predicted. Despite only just coming onto our radar, Diana (Kate Vernon) wasted no time fueling mass chaos and putting her master plan into immediate action. For someone bent on crucifying the chancellor for lying to his people about the potential of their pending deaths, she has an odd way of showing that she’s the better option.

Even in just our brief interactions with the character, it’s clear that Diana’s interests don’t lay on the side of preserving life as she claims, but rather in creating a new regime on the ground where she lands smack dab on the throne. The Ark has inadvertently created a legion of survivalists that like Clarke (Eliza Taylor) said, will do whatever is necessary. If leaving the bulk of your own people behind on the Ark to suffer and die didn’t prove that, then the grounders are in for an unwelcome surprise – compassion does not appear to be on its way down to meet them.

Clarke and Bellamy (Bob Morley) witnessed a ship (err, presumably) crashing down in a fiery blaze of glory which no doubt will cause everyone a lot of grief. Truth be told, it’s almost definitely not the ship that Diana stole. That would be too easy. Karma doesn’t tend to work that fast, even on television.

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