The 100 Review: “Unity Day” (Season 1, Episode 9)


The 100 slowed the pace way down tonight, leaving the best stuff for the end and plenty more waiting in the wings. There’s been a lot of parallelism on Earth and back on the Ark this season, and “Unity Day” was no exception. Both locations attempted to mask their struggles by putting on a happy face and celebrating a time-honored, albeit socially constructed, holiday.

On Earth, the teenagers took full advantage of their dwindling chaperone-free days because let’s face it, there’s nothing like a kegger to drive home the fact that the “civilized” humans have returned to the ground.

The festivities on the Ark, however, took a turn for the worse and much sooner than you may have predicted. Despite only just coming onto our radar, Diana (Kate Vernon) wasted no time fueling mass chaos and putting her master plan into immediate action. For someone bent on crucifying the chancellor for lying to his people about the potential of their pending deaths, she has an odd way of showing that she’s the better option.

Even in just our brief interactions with the character, it’s clear that Diana’s interests don’t lay on the side of preserving life as she claims, but rather in creating a new regime on the ground where she lands smack dab on the throne. The Ark has inadvertently created a legion of survivalists that like Clarke (Eliza Taylor) said, will do whatever is necessary. If leaving the bulk of your own people behind on the Ark to suffer and die didn’t prove that, then the grounders are in for an unwelcome surprise – compassion does not appear to be on its way down to meet them.

Clarke and Bellamy (Bob Morley) witnessed a ship (err, presumably) crashing down in a fiery blaze of glory which no doubt will cause everyone a lot of grief. Truth be told, it’s almost definitely not the ship that Diana stole. That would be too easy. Karma doesn’t tend to work that fast, even on television.

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  1. Laynesays:

    Like the review, and your talk about Clarke afterward and her choices recently but I must say I can’t disagree more with the statement that “The most compelling aspect of her character at the moment is limited to her potential for a romantic liaison with Bellamy. ” Clarke has been an incredible leader thus far, has suffered episode to episode, made friends and enemies, enmies out of friends and friends out of enemies alike. Her development has shown a really interesting coming to terms with what it means to truly be a leader and not to just be a reckless heart running into whatever trouble confronts them. It’s forcing her to think like everyone else. In fact, I’d be just fine with her never having a romantic connection to Bellamy (as much as I would love that). That would be one of the least important aspects of her character in my opinion. Clarke Griffin is so much more thus far, and hopefully will continue to be, than her romantic relationships and romantic drama on the show and it’s one of the things I actually applaud the writers for. She’s portraying a realistic and not romanticized version of what it would be like to have to make the tough decisions for an entire group of people, and those decisions are hardening her which is heartbreaking and interesting and shows so much plot and character potential, falling directly into the show’s current “who we are vs. who we need to be to survive” theme, just as many of the other leads are. I agree with your angle, that Clarke’s changing and that her choices are changing, but I don’t think it has at all watered down her characterization or ability to be interesting, I think it has opened more doors really in the long run.

  2. straightedgechapsays:

    My vote goes to Jasper because he was at first just a guy who liked to get high until trying to impress Octavia at any time he could because she’s wild and he wanted to show he can be wild to by even putting his body on the line just to impress her

  3. Americansays:

    Like the review as well. I’m guessing it was a large piece of the ark that crashed there and the evil blonde lady and her crew of minions landed somewhere else safely. My prediction is one of two. Either it was the dropship and the writers are going to kill off all of the adults up in the ark as well to shift the focus on the teenagers and the grounders.. Or the people up in the ark make it down somehow just like the blonde lady did and they form a truce with one of the grounder tribes. My vision is that the blonde lady will form a truce with one grounder tribe and the black chancelor forms a truce with the woman leader grounder tribe. At the end of episode nine it looked like the grounders were about to open fire on everyone (including the grounder princess). That would explain why she told clarke that it wouldn’t be the first time someone tried to destroy them. because there are multiple tribes that are enemies with each other. I like clarke as a character but in all honesty I’d have to say that the romantic stuff is killing her likability instead of saving it. The answer to why is easy. Finn. Forget Finn. I bought a six pack to celebrate when he dies on the show. Hopefully that happens soon or I’ll have to get a new six pack every week. The guy is a classic grade A naive hippy douche level 6 out of 5. It takes him only 10 days to forget about a girl he supposedly loves and to sleep with clarke. After the woman he loves risks her life, and pretty much attempts the impossible to be with him, he continues to lust after clarke blatantly in front of her. He should have been a man and broke it off. Instead, he continues to get his goody goody from the super hot, super smart, kick ass engineer babe, all the while staring with doe eyes and wishing he could have someone else. Then he goes on and says the dumbest stuff ever like how clarke didn’t need to trust the grounders, clarke needed to have trusted him.. Does he realize that she would be dead if she had trusted him? I mean what idiot takes the most valuable and important person to the 100, and leads her (alone) to a group of hostile opponents who have already killed a good number of her people and believe that they are at war? I’ll tell you who. Finn. If she had died, who would be the sane, adult minded leader in the group of teenagers who know about medicine and surgery and actually makes intelligent decisions? The fact that she actually isn’t repulsed by finn’s lack of moral fiber, bravery, and intelligence makes me wanna shake her. He’s a wimp. Octavia isn’t much better but at least you can blame her previous living conditions for her behavior. She fell down a ravine, hurt her leg, and passes out. He sears the wound shut and she assumes it’s because he is trying to help her. What if the guy just wanted her to stay alive to be his sex slave? what if he didn’t want her to die before he raped her? She escapes and he stops her from shouting and again she thinks he’s saving her (not knowing it’s probably for later)… Then the dude brings her back and chains her to a wall… Sounds more like a potential sex slave every minute. I mean the dude speaks ENGLISH. he couldn’t have explained to her that he’s just gonna let her hang out till she’s all healed up and then let her go? If I wake up in a dark cave, I escape, and then some dude takes me back to the cave I escaped from and chains me to the wall…. I’m thinking.. Oh shit. I’m about to experience deliverance. The fact that he was cool watching everyone else in those woods die, including her brother doesn’t bother octavia? The fact he even admitted to being the enemy of the 100 doesn’t faze her at all? instead she finds the guy out and gets her some caveman lovin. Better make that 6 pack a 12 pack. Can’t wait till she’s gone either. Clarke and Bellamy make a good team but I’m not digging the whole Bellamy change, tooo much… I mean I want him to be a grey character who is an official badass. The guy who is cool taking a life but only cause he had to. The guy who is cold, calm, and collected as he does what needs to be done to survive. Like Kane. The writers seem to be turning him into someone softer. I liked the whole, slightly bad vibe to him. And I think Clarkes straight and arrow vibe would balance him out and make them an interesting composition. like she’s the yin to his yang, the only one who can calm his waters, and guides him to the moral choice while he balances her character out and makes her more interesting by pushing her to test the wild side of herself and helping her reach the conclusions that are nasty but need to be reached. Sorry for the essay. To sum up. I hate finn. I hate Octavia. I love where the story is going. I Like clarke and will love her once she ditches the finn weight. I’m not toooo happy about the bellamy change but hopefully they don’t extinguish his entire bad boy genius vibe who is capable of killing a man by stabbing him in the throat with a bullet and then have a heart to heart right after like it never happened.

  4. sf2ksays:

    I guffawed when the leader Maya said the flares burned down a village. The flares we saw finished at their peak arc so there would be no way they would have started a fire. Also the flares would have landed far far away. For a sci-fi drama when the writers fail math class isn’t a good sign.

    Clarke as a level headed character isn’t one anymore among the others and the interest increasingly becomes the mystery of the grounders not the 100.

    Also unless there’s a porto-pottie in the space pod the camp site would be half toilets by now. No mention of toilet paper either. The inconsistencies are starting to nag upon the show and at some point if not answered will leave the show to the unrealistic relationship obsessed. They have to start defining the directions and area around the camp better and how the camp works.

    Finally that Finn and Octavia were upset that they were saved means the show intends to continue character cognitive dissonance. Ugh. It would have been better if Finn admitted Clarke was right to bring Bellamy and that would help his character not look so prissy.

    More character cognitive dissonance is with Raven’s strength of character on the Ark now left to cry in her tent on Earth. Ok, Finn is her love but she should be angry and strong not hesitant and weak. She’s an engineer for Pete’s sake. She should continue to be able to show her mind, not suddenly resort to solving her problems with her body. She specifically resisted selling herself out on the station only to do so on Earth? Ugh

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