13 ‘The White Lotus’ finale memes that capture all of the madness

Still image from HBO's 'The White Lotus' featuring Jennifer Coolidge
Image via HBO

This article contains spoilers for the season finale of The White Lotus

The White Lotus season two finale has just aired and looks set to go down as one of the most memorable episodes the show has ever aired. We got a heap of bodies, a very conclusive end to Tanya’s story, and some dark hints as to where the show can go in its third season.

Over its run, the show has proven to be extraordinarily memetic so it’s no surprise the internet was firmly on the case right after the finale aired. So, here are the best we’ve seen out there on social media. As expected, many of them center on Jennifer Coolidge’s Tanya, who has one of the funniest exchanges in the entire show:

Let’s face it, all the signs were there:

At least she went out like a champ:

Some aren’t exactly sorry to see her go:

So I started blastin’!

If you’re going to go out, you may as well go down swinging:

We empathize:

If you heard this sound last night, now you know why:

The Italian tourist board won’t like this:

When in doubt, Spongebob is always there:

Could it have gone down differently:

Oh Tanya, taken from us too soon:

A truly brutal putdown:

We can’t wait for The White Lotus to return for its third season and provide more ludicrous mayhem. The Word is that the action may move to an Asian setting, though right now not much else is known. Let’s hope HBO gets this into production as soon as possible so it can land in late 2023 or early 2024.

The White Lotus seasons one and two are available to stream on HBO Max.