Bamf! Pow! The Complete 1960s Batman TV Series Is Coming To DVD


For some, Christian Bale is the definitive on-screen Batman. There were numerous Batmen before him, though, and first among them was Adam West. West played the Caped Crusader in the campy, over-the-top Batman 1960s TV series (which also spawned a movie), and was… let’s just say… not quite as intense and brooding in his performance as Bale was.

Back then, comic books still weren’t taken very seriously, and so the Batman TV series was done firmly tongue-in-cheek with a knowing “Oh yeah, this whole guy-dressed-up-as-a-bat-business is pretty ridiculous.” There was no angst. There was no moral ambiguity. The Joker had a painted-over-mustache, not a terrifying scar. Oh, and the low TV budget made for a pretty silly-looking Batcave.

Well, for those who yearn for the days of a simpler Batman, the classic TV series is finally coming to DVD in a full box set from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. Conan O’Brien first broke the news via Twitter:

It has since been confirmed by Warner Bros. directly, with a release date of “later this year.” No details have been given about pricing or special features, but if it has anything as great as the commentary track from Adam West and Burt Ward in the DVD for Batman: The Movie then it will be easily worth whatever price they end up charging for it. (Seriously, go hunt that down and listen to it. You won’t be disappointed.)

If Man of Steel was any indication, then Batman is only going to get more angsty in his next incarnation in Batman vs. Superman, so it will be nice to have the classic TV series available on DVD as a counterpoint to that. After all, why so serious?

Source: A.V. Club