2 Broke Girls Season 1-07 ‘And The Pretty Problem’ Recap

We can now add Italians to the list of cheap stereotypes traded in on CBS’s ever faltering new comedy Two Broke Girls. This week the girls decide to take a cupcake decorating class, but find the teachers, to be over-bearing Jersey Shore rejects.

This week, Caroline (Beth Behrs) drives the action of the story, as usual, having convinced a group of upscale types, who have somehow wandered into the dingy diner where the girls work, to try Max’s (Kat Dennings) cupcakes.

The well-dressed visitors suggest that Caroline and Max try to get their cupcakes into the coffee shop located in their trendy apartment building. It seems like a good idea until the coffee shop’s spacey manager rejects the cupcakes because they aren’t pretty enough.

Undaunted, Caroline enrolls herself and Max in cupcake decorating class taught by cousins Serena (Jade Catta Preta) and Stephanie (Carla Gallo). The fact that Serena and Stephanie are Italian is bludgeoned into viewers minds by the cousins’ thick accents and Max’s repeated jokes about mob connections.

Of course, with the way that 2 Broke Girls trades in stereotypes, you knew they had to get to gay men eventually. The girls’ classmates are all gay men, all fabulous, buff and three of them are named Michael for no apparent reason.

Both Max and Caroline fail at making hearts out of frosting but while Caroline blames the teachers and is ready to quit, Max becomes determined to make one stinking heart and when she does she’s even more ready to throw it in the faces of Serena and Stephanie.

Max’s other cupcake creations, cupcakes with insulting phrases on them, become the inspiration for a new kind of cupcake business, one that plays to Max’s strength: insulting people. Naturally, the gay guys love this idea and are the first to ask Max to make some for them with the admonition to:

“Let us Bitches have it.”

Yup, the line is just as groan inducing on paper as it was spoken during the show.

Random notes:

  • Did you think Caroline’s bed looked like a vagina as Max claimed? The show really beat that joke into the ground.
  • Kat Dennings and Nick Zano have a weird chemistry that so far the series has been unable to mine for more than a scene per week.
  • On the other hand, Max and Caroline’s jokingly flirty exchange about Caroline’s bed had all the sexual tension that is lacking from Max and Johnny’s burgeoning relationship.
  • Why do the writers of 2 Broke Girls insist on the character of Oleg (Jonathan Kite)? Is it because they really think a joke about Oleg having a ‘party in his pants’ is funny? Did anyone really think the line: “Once you go Ukraine, you scream with sex pain” was funny? Oleg is an even bigger problem for this show than the ridiculous horse that the girls still have. Which reminds me: Get rid of the stupid horse!