Jersey Shore Season 2-09 ‘Dirty Pad’ Recap

I feel like nothing really happened this week on Jersey Shore. It was just a bunch of unrelated scenes all strung together. Nothing significant really took place. It wasn’t one of the better episodes but I can’t complain. The past couple episodes have been pretty solid so one mediocre one isn’t a big deal.

The episode started with the ending of last week’s episode. Vin is still depressed over his girl bailing on him. The crew goes out and Vin stays at home to sulk. Angelina takes Jose out for his birthday and Ron and Sam come along. When Angelina and Sam leave to go to the washroom, Ron and Jose have a talk about Angelina. Ron is amazed at how this kid is acting and he tells us Jose is being played like a piano.

Pauly arrives back home with his date and the two hang out with Vin for a bit to cheer him up. Angelina and company also arrive home from their night. Apparently Jose is looking for some ‘birthday sex’ so he takes Angelina to the ‘smush’ room. Unfortunately for him though, Angelina is having none of it and she just goes to sleep.

The next morning a confused Pauly D wakes up to see that his hair is still done and Angelina lies to the crew by telling them that her and Jose ‘smushed’. The crew rips into her and they all think she’s a slut. During the day we see Pauly and JWOWW at work, JWOWW and Snook going to get their nails done, and finally JWOWW’s boyfriend, Tom, coming to visit.

When Tom gets there, he sees a phone number in JWOWW’s phonebook that he isn’t to happy to see. He accuses her of cheating and almost leaves but JWOWW is able to convince him to stay. Angelina also has a visitor, her friend from home. As the day goes on, the gang gets ready to go out. The boys do their t-shirt time deal and then they all head out.

At the club, Angelina starts dancing with a guy that Snook ‘smushed’ with last week, this doesn’t sit well with Nicole. To make matters worse, a bunch of grenades keep trying to hit on Snooki. She’s isn’t too pleased.

Meanwhile, Sitch meets a girl who he’s very excited about. He tells us he’s so eager to take her home that he can’t wait. In fact, he’s so eager that he takes her to the bathroom in the club. Of course this doesn’t sit well with security and they foil his plan. After his plan is foiled, he loses the girl. Somewhere in the crowds and confusion, they get separated and he can’t find her. He’s devastated, she was D.T.F. and Sitch was way into her. He leaves the club, a sad situation indeed.

We then get a bit of Ron/Sam shenanigans where they tell each other that they’re falling in love again. We’ll see how long it lasts.

Back at the house the crew gets ready to go to sleep. Snook and Vin hop in the same bed although I don’t think anything happened. In the morning, the boys hit the gym and Sitch explains that he doesn’t know where he’d be without his G.T.L. He says if you don’t go to the gym, you don’t look good. If you don’t tan, you’re pale, and if you don’t do laundry, you don’t have clothes.

When he gets back from the gym, he’s pleased to find a note on his door from the chick he met last night. The note says Samantha (we met at the club last night), my number *******. Just in case we didn’t understand it, Sitch tells us he’ll decipher it for us. To him it means, “here’s my number, please call me so we can bang real quick.”

Vin and Pauly head to the beach, as do Angelina and her friend. The two groups don’t acknowledge each other though. They each do their own thing and Angelina manages to meet some guy at the beach and invite him back.

Sitch calls his girl and invites her out. He then proceeds to clean the house so he can impress her. It’s going well until he is mortified to find one of Angelina’s tampons on the floor. He flips out and puts it under her pillow. He then heads out with JWOWW and Tom to meet Pauly and Vin for lunch.

When Angelina, her friend, and the guy she met get back to the house, they find the tampon under her pillow. She’s obviously not happy and this leads to a fight between her and Situation. Things get heated, then turn physical and the episode ends.

Like I said at the start, kind of a dull episode, let’s hope they pick it up next week. There were some funny Situation moments this week, but aside from that, not a whole lot happened. It was a bit boring but hopefully things will heat up between Angelina and the housemates next week. Judging by the preview for next week’s episode, Angelina and Snook get into a full out fight, which should be interesting.

Check back next week for our recap.