The Walking Dead Season 2 Extended Trailer And Images

We’ve already seen a short promo for the second season of The Walking Dead, but thanks to Comic-Con, we get a longer trailer giving us a more detailed look at what we can expect from the show come October. The first season, while fantastic in every regard, has been under appreciated by the Emmys where it deserved more recognition for its writing and directing.

From the looks of what we see in the trailer below, season two looks to keep the same high tension and chilling zombie horror, which should please fans. Make no mistake, this season of The Walking Dead will be just as good if not better than the first season.

Returning cast members include Andrew LincolnJon Bernthal, Laurie Holden, Jeffrey DeMunn and Sarah Wayne Callies and from what we can tell, season two looks to be a direct follow on from the end of the last season finale with the band of survivors continuing their fight against the zombie hordes.

What I glean from this trailer is that most of what we see is from episode 1 and there looks to be a fantastic set piece on a freeway with a sea of abandoned cars. Frank Darabont and Robert Kirkman seem to be taking the show down a much more dark and desperate road. The characters need to survive but they are heading into uncertainty.

The big draw for me in this season will be the characters themselves. While the action and the zombie effects were perfect, what kept me tuning back in every week was the drama between the characters, which was always at the forefront, as most things are with Darabont. I’m sure things will be no different in season two and you can be that there will be a good handful of compelling storylines between the colorful cast of characters.

The show will debut on AMC on October 16th with a longer run of 13 episodes, Darabont will write the season premiere.

You can watch the trailer and view the images below.