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8 Characters Who Should Appear In Supergirl Season 2

With Supergirl season one now having finished, we look ahead to the second run it will hopefully get. Here are eight characters we want to see in season two

Flash Supergirl

It sometimes feels that Supergirl is the forgotten younger sibling of DC’s TV shows. Like a little sister not allowed in her big brothers’ club, Supergirl doesn’t have the widespread fandom on the internet that we see with the likes of Arrow and The Flash. That’s not to say that the show doesn’t have its own loyal fans, but the lack of certainty over Supergirl’s future shows that a lot people are missing out on it.

And that’s a huge shame, as this inaugural season starring the Girl of Steel has had many plus points. From the surprisingly likeable Cat Grant (as played by Callista Flockhart), to the inclusion of the freakin’ Martian Manhunter to, last but not least, Supergirl herself – portrayed pitchy-perfectly by Melissa Benoist.

With the season one finale having just aired, join us as we look at eight characters we would love to see turn up in Supergirl season two.

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