8 Characters Who Should Appear In Supergirl Season 2

8) Green Arrow


The Supergirl/The Flash crossover episode, “Worlds Finest,” was possibly the highlight of this season, as it properly cemented the new series as part of DC’s close-knit band of superhero shows.

Hopefully, then, this is something that will be expanded upon if the show gets another shot. We’d love to see the Flash return to National City, as Grant Gustin and Benoist had great chemistry together. But, how about he brings Green Arrow along for the ride as well next time?


Brooding ol’ Oliver Queen might not be a character who would naturally fit in Supergirl’s generally brighter world, but that’s part of the fun of superhero mash-ups; to highlight the similarities and differences between our heroes as they stand side by side.

Come on CBS and CW, make it happen!