A New Speedster Hits Central City In Stills From The Next Episode Of The Flash

The CW has released the first images from the March 23rd episode of The Flash, and they focus on the villainous Trajectory. Not much is known about this new speedster or what she’s after, but the latest promo for the show’s return indicated that she has some pretty light fingers.

Here’s the official synopsis for this episode of The Flash (which is rather appropriately titled “Trajectory”).

Deciding to blow off some steam, Barry (Grant Gustin) and the team head out for a night on the town only to encounter an unexpected speedster who is up to no good. Iris (Candice Patton) is challenged by an assignment from her new boss (guest star Tone Bell), and is surprised when friction turns to flirtation.

The last episode of The Flash ended with the reveal that Zoom is secretly Hunter Zolomon (or Jay Garrick; it’s hard to say), so hopefully that too will be addressed in this instalment.

The show’s executive producers have indicated that they’ll be taking a slow burn approach to explaining what’s up with that villain anyway, so it may be best to temper expectations for when it returns later this month. Seeing Barry Allen butt heads with another speedster in this instalment of The Flash though should be a lot of fun regardless.