The Internet Is Remembering A Spooky Will Smith/Fresh Prince Music Video That Almost Never Released


When it comes to spooky season, we love to go all out. Decor, movies, tv shows, clothing, accessories — you name it, we’ve got it with our favorite slashers, characters, and films in mind. We start listening to our Halloween playlists way too early in the year, and one song that always gets stuck in our head is actually from a 90’s sitcom.

“Nightmare on my Street” is a must-listen for us every year when Halloween rolls around. It’s catchy, it brings together two of our favorite things — Freddy and Fresh Prince, and it really is a great song. It’s also got an accompanying music video that managed to exist when it shouldn’t. And now many are being introduced to it for the first time thanks to a viral post on Reddit.

One of horror’s most incredible music video/song combinations was at the heart of a legal battle as New Line sued the record company, and all singles had to state that the tune had nothing to do with the Nightmare on Elm Street films.

As reported by Rolling Stone, New Line claims copyright infringement harms them irreparably.

“New Line presented evidence that it would suffer irreparable harm by the effect the A Nightmare on My Streetvideo is likely to have on the sales of the Fat Boys song. Testimony established that the songs promoted by the two videos are in direct competition in the rap music market. Certainly, with two competing videos in the music marketplace, each video will get less promotional time on MTV.”

Copies of the video were supposed to be destroyed by DJ Jazzy Jeff shared the music video to Vevo/Youtube, where fans can still view it today — and happily so.

You can find the Reddit thread that got fans remembering the song and video today with more information about the lawsuit here.