A surprising ‘Hawkeye’ star has real-life archery training

Hailee Steinfeld recently revealed Jeremy Renner’s hilariously deadpan reaction to hearing about the intense archery training she’s been through to prepare for her role as Kate Bishop in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Disney Plus series Hawkeye, and it’s classic Clint Barton.

The actor simply told her that all of the arrows would be CGI anyway, so she didn’t really have anything to worry about, despite putting herself in a position where she’d be more than capable of being accurate with the real thing. However, another surprising member of the ensemble reveals that they’re no slouch at archery, either.

The Conjuring star Vera Farmiga appears as Kate’s mother Eleanor Bishop, and in a press conerence attended by CBR, the actress revealed that she’s become a fan of the discipline after starring in a TV show with Heath Ledger almost 25 years ago.

“There’s a a couple of things. Well, number one, I love archery, just hands down. I am an archer. You guys don’t know this about me. My first job, I played an archer with Heath Ledger in a series called Roar, where I had my bow and arrow and I had my 40-pound pull-weight arrow… and I’m good at it, to be honest with you, so if I wasn’t gonna be wielding that bow and arrow, I just wanted to be next to someone with true grit.”

Roar was the first-ever television credit of Farmiga’s career, and it ran for a single season on Fox before being canceled after just eight episodes in September 1997, and the final five installments wouldn’t air for another three years. It’s little wonder a lot of people will have never heard of it, but maybe she was on the Hawkeye set casting a watchful eye over Renner and Steinfeld’s expertise in comparison to her own.