There’s Going To Be An ABC Sitcom Based On The Life Of Justin Bieber

“Yeah, we might as well, what else is there to do a show about?” presumably went the words from a TV executive over at ABC, who have decided to green-light an upcoming show based around the life of formerly mushroom-headed pop sensation Justin Bieber, because why not? The show, set to be written by former writers of HBO’s Entourage, will be set around a fictional character who is Justin Bieber, though he’ll be granted a new, different name whilst he deals with the same kind of tribulations trying to get into the music biz that the real Justin Bieber had to deal with, only fictional this time.

This project was originally in negotiations last year, though somebody with an actual brain decided to drop it, only for somebody else to decide that, no, the world absolutely has to see this thing. Justin Bieber himself is set to produce the sitcom at a ripe old age of 18, and will do so alongside his manager and number one fan, Scooter Braun.

Justin Bieber, of course, grew up just like a normal kid, playing hockey and soccer, whilst also pursuing an interest in the piano and learning guitar. Though that may sound relatively mundane, it is. Meaning that this definitely must become a sitcom, for fear that some other savvy network will snap the premise up and — oh God, is it already too late?!

Source: A.V. Club

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