Watch Michael Cudlitz Recite Abraham’s Best Lines From The Walking Dead


Michael Cudlitz’s Abraham quickly became a fan favourite character on The Walking Dead thanks to the unique, foul-mouthed turns of phrase that he frequently came up with. From the moment he joined the show mid-way through season 4 until he met his tragic end at Negan’s hand in the season 7 premiere, Abraham produced a heck of a lot of memorable quotes that fans remember fondly.

While attending a panel at Walker Stalker Con in Tulsa over the weekend, Cudlitz was asked to list off his favorite lines from his time on The Walking Dead and showed no hesitation in channeling his inner Abraham, as you can see in the video below:

Highlights include the classic Abrahamisms: “B—h nuts, monkey’s left nut, Vast ocean of s–t you people don’t know s–t about. Rick Grimes knows every grain of said s–t,” and also Abraham’s final words to Negan, proving he went down fighting: “suck my nuts!”

Another fun moment occurred during the panel when Cudlitz’ former co-star Josh McDermitt (Eugene) decided to drop by and needle his old Walking Dead pal. The pair go back a long way as they both joined the show at the same time, alongside Christian Serratos as Rosita.

At the same event, Cudlitz also spoke about his feelings towards Abraham’s shocking and brutal death. It turns out he’s very proud of how he bowed out of the show and feels that the character’s TV death is “way better” than how it went down in the comics.

The Walking Dead reaches its eighth season when the show returns to AMC on October 22nd. Though Abraham’s dead, the character did appear via flashback in the season 7 finale, so it’s possible that Cudlitz will get the chance to make some new Abrahamisms in the future. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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