Three Actors Are Currently In Consideration For Arrow’s Flash


Since the news that the second season of The CW’s Arrow would introduce the Flash, there’s been a lot of speculation about who would be cast to play the Scarlet Speedster. That speculation may be coming to an end soon, as it’s been revealed that three actors are currently in consideration for the role: Matt Barr, Grant Gustin and James Mackay.

Arrow executive producer Andrew Kreisberg recently told EW that they still haven’t picked an actor for the role, but they need to by September 30th, which is when Dr. Barry Allen will begin shooting. They’ve auditioned a ton of actors, and had some exciting candidates vying for the role, but it looks like it’s down to the three listed above, who are supposedly screen testing for the role today.

The first candidate, the 29 year-old Matt Barr, is best known for his role on Hatfields & McCoys where he played Johnse Hatfield. He was previously on the CW in Hellcats, but that show was canceled after only one season.

The 23-year-old Grant Gustin is best known for his role of Sebastian Smythe on Glee. Glee isn’t necessarily the show you would go to in order to find an actor to play a superhero, but he seems to look the part alright and is a very capable actor. He’ll be great if they decide to make Flash: The Musical.

The final candidate of the three is the Australian James Mackay. He’s the most unknown of the trio, but did win the 2013 Heath Ledger Award, which is awarded by Australians in Film, an LA organization that serves as an industry guild for Australian filmmakers and performers in the U.S.

It’s hard to gauge who should be the frontrunner (pun intended) out of these three since they’re all relatively unknown, so I won’t even begin to speculate on which one I think I should be picked. That’s up to you guys, so head on down to the comments section to say who you think should play Barry Allen on Arrow.