Adam Davidson To Direct The Walking Dead Spinoff Series Pilot


Since AMC announced a spinoff series for The Walking Dead, details on production have been scarce to say the least. What we know thus far is that the show will act as a ‘companion series’ to the original – and that’s about it. Now, however, we know who’ll be helming the pilot, as Academy Award winner Adam Davidson has signed on to direct a new group of survivors.

Davidson earned the Best Live Action Short Film Oscar for The Lunch Date in 1991, and has since gone on to flesh out (ahem) his resume with a stream of small screen directing credits. If you’re an avid TV fan, you’ll have likely seen his work before as he has previously crafted episodes from shows including Fringe, Kingdom, Community, Grey’s Anatomy and Parenthood. There’s a couple of genre titles in that mix, but what’s promising is his clear commitment to shows which incorporate strong characters. The original series of The Walking Dead has become such a success as it invests heavily in the people who populate the world. Rick, Carl and co. are truly what keep viewers tuning in. So it seems like Davidson is a wise choice to take on a fresh angle.

The show, which is as-yet unnamed, will depict another clutch of people who’ve survived the zombie pandemic elsewhere in the world. There’s a lot of scope, what with the entire world providing an endless array of locations, characters and scenarios. The storyline still remains under wraps, but we’ve a vague idea of who is set to appear, after a leaked list of characters landed online.

Back to oversee proceedings will be original executive producers Gale Anne Hurd, David Alpert and Robert Kirkman. Kirkman, who co-created the comic, will write the series alongside Dave Erickson, who’s also slated to act as showrunner.

The Walking Dead spinoff’s pilot is scheduled for production at the end of 2014.