Adult Swim fans can get cozy with new ‘Rick and Morty’ yule log video


Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty is doubling down on holiday cheer this year. Just two days after dropping Summer Smith’s It’s Rickmas Time rap debut, the favorite cult series is back to celebrate once again, this time with a very on-brand combination Yule Log/Interdimensional Commercial mashup.

Like the many Yule Log loops which become practically omnipresent at every holiday gathering these days, the video features an ever-burning log in a cheerily decorated fireplace. This one has the added pleasure of seeing the two titular characters taking in the yuletide warmth (well, at least seeing the backs of their heads). R & M fans will also take in some extra joy basking in the glow of the TV mounted above the fireplace, which shows an equally repetitive but far more distracting loop of the fan-favorite Interdimensional Cable segments.

Interdimensional Cable, a staple of the show that has appeared in at least one episode in every one of the series’ five seasons, debuted in the season one episode Rixty Minutes. The Interdimensional cable box, invented by Rick Sanchez, can air television channels from every dimension. In addition, the format allows for the show’s writer room to utilize some practical stream of consciousness comedy gems ranging from the bizarre to the hilarious to some bits that, frankly, probably should have been left on the cutting room floor.

The series has delved into the Holiday theme before, albeit loosely. “Anatomy Park” featured a moon-sized dead homeless guy in a Santa suit. The season four episode “Rattlestar Ricklantica” featured Christmas lights and a space and time spanning snake apocalypse. However, this one-two punch of oddball videos is a distinctly different flavor of seasonal celebration.

Fans are sure to love the offerings, though (indeed, some hardcore fans may even obsess over them), and both videos are likely to make an appearance if you visit any Adult Swim fan’s holiday soiree this year. Rick and Morty is currently on hiatus, but the seventh season will air next year.