After Daredevil casting news, fans are clamoring for a new Iron Fist

Iron Fist
Marvel / Netflix

It’s the news we’ve all been waiting for: finallyy, Kevin Feige has officially confirmed that, when he returns to the MCU, Daredevil will be played by Charlie Cox.

So with the Man Without Fear is definitely living on beyond the cancellation of his Netflix series, Marvel fans are hoping the rest of the Defenders get the chance to come back under Marvel Studios, too. Well, the rest of them, bar one. You see, folks really don’t want to see Finn Jones’ Iron Fist again.

That said, they would love someone else from the much-maligned Iron Fist TV series to return and take on the mantle of the immortal hero instead. Iron Fist was trending on Twitter today as fans both voiced their dislike of the MCU’s resident punching bag Danny Rand and also made it known that they desperately want to see Jessica Henwick invited back as Colleen Wing.

If you remember, the Daughter of the Dragon ended up acquiring Danny’s chi powers at the end of IF season 2. Netflix canceled the show before this shift to the status quo could be explored in the third season, so the stage is set for Colleen’s Iron Fist to show up in the wider MCU.

She was the real star of the show.

Let’s just say Danny died off-screen.

You know, give him the whole Poochie treatment.

Not that unpopular an opinion.

Another reason why it would make a lot more sense for Marvel to bring back Colleen over Danny is because Jessica Henwick is a much bigger star than Finn Jones. The Love & Monsters actress is just about to star in a key role in The Matrix Resurrections, and we know that she was on Marvel’s radar for a part in Shang-Chi.

Come on, Feige, reboot Iron Fist, and show Netflix how they should’ve done it in the first place.