A.I. Are Among Us In Teaser For AMC’s Humans


With Mad Men wrapping up its final season, AMC is going through a transformative period, attempting to launch new shows that will appeal to the same audiences that so widely embraced that period series along with crime saga Breaking Bad. This summer, it will unveil one of its riskiest attempts to do just that, with sci-fi drama Humans.

The eight-part series is due to premiere June 28, and today sees the unveiling of new key art along with an expanded first-look clip. Humans takes place in a parallel present London where technology has advanced to such a point that every household is embracing ‘Synths’ – artificially intelligent servants that look eerily like us but live just to serve. Though the premise bears similarities to films like I, Robot and Ex Machina, the series will focus more on the philosophical and emotional impact of the new technology, as it becomes increasingly unclear what it means to be human.

Gemma Chan, William Hurt, Katherine Parkinson, Tom Goodman-Hill, Lucy Carless, Colin Morgan, Pixie Davis, Ivanno Jeremiah, Theo Stevenson, Emily Berrington, Neil Maskell, Will Tudor, Rebecca Front, Danny Webb and Sope Dirisu all star in the series, which is adapted from the Swedish show Real Humans.

Humans arrives June 28, on AMC.

Source: Deadline