Alec Baldwin Compares Governor DeSantis To A Notorious Cult Leader And Mass Murderer

Many people may know of the phrase “drink the koolaid” but not its origins but it seems Alec Baldwin isn’t one of them. The phrase comes from a now-infamous mass suicide involving the Peoples Temple Agricultural Project cult back in 1978 where leader Jim Jones convinced his followers drank cyanide-laced punch (that was actually made of Flavor-Aid) resulting in more than 900 deaths.

Before 9/11, the event held the record for the largest number of American civilian casualties in a single non-natural event. Now as COVID-19 deaths have reached over 50,000 (over 16 times the number of deaths on 9/11) in Florida alone, it seems Baldwin considers Governor DeSantis to be just as bad as Jim Jones.

This comment likely comes from the recent laws banning mask mandates at school that DeSantis has supported among other measures that make controlling the deadly virus within the state of Florida extremely difficult. With the Republican part that DeSantis is a part of often being referred to as a “death cult,” the comparison makes a lot of sense coming from the actor.

Alec Baldwin isn’t the first celebrity to come after DeSantis and we’re sure he won’t be the last. It will be interesting to see how Governor DeSantis copes as his approval rating drops which could be in part due to some of these major celebrities people look up to dragging him on Twitter.