Alice Eve Will Be Playing A Major Daredevil Villain In Iron Fist Season 2


Going into Iron Fist season 2, fans have a lot of questions. Will it be more exciting than the first outing? Will the pacing be better? Will the fight choreography be improved? And just who is Alice Eve playing?

Well, we still can’t answer the first three with any amount of certainty, but what we can tell you is that Eve’s taking on the role of none other than Mary Walker AKA Typhoid Mary, who’s a major figure in Daredevil lore. This might suggest that the Man Without Fear could be involved, too, but for now, that’s just pure speculation on our part.

For those unfamiliar with Mary, she’s “a mutant who who becomes an assassin for various criminal enterprises, including Wilson Fisk and the Hand. She has telekinesis, but one of her defining characteristics is a result of dissociative identity disorder, with three personalities that cause a rapid shift in mood and action.”

How exactly the villain will factor into things in Iron Fist season 2 remains unknown, but this is an exciting development nonetheless and certainly heightens anticipation for the next run of the show. Besides, Eve’s a solid actress who’s done some good work in the past, so we’re excited to see how she fares in the role here. Especially since fans have been calling for Typhoid Mary to be brought to life in live-action for a while now.

Following showrunner Scott Buck’s double-whammy of flops in Iron Fist season 1 and Inhumans, he’ll be replaced for season 2 by Sleepy Hollow‘s Raven Metzner, who’s apparently bringing an expert knowledge of the comics and a passion for martial arts movies to the table. Fingers crossed then that he can improve upon where the show stumbled in its rookie year and deliver a truly gripping viewing experience when Danny Rand returns to the streaming service on September 7th.

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