All ‘Game of Thrones’ stars in HBO’s ‘The Last of Us’

Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal in The Last of Us
Image via HBO

Game of Thrones and The Last of Us have a fair amount in common even though one is set in the fantastical world of Westeros, and the other takes place in a post-apocalyptic United States. Both shows have been adapted from other mediums; Game of Thrones is based on George R. R. Martin’s series of novels, A Song of Ice and Fire, while The Last of Us is based on the video game of the same name. 

Most importantly, each is an HBO production (with glorious opening themes, we might add) with some actors appearing in both series. Just who has made the leap between the two casts? We’ve got you covered.

Which actors have been in both Game of Thrones and The Last of Us?

Lyanna Mormont in Game of Thrones
Image via HBO

There are a total of two actors who are in both HBO shows—Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey. Pascal, who plays Joel Miller in The Last of Us, portrayed Oberyn Martell, aka The Red Viper, in GOT. He famously died at the hands of the Mountain, quite literally. Meanwhile, Ramsey (Ellie Williams in TLOU) stepped into Westeros as Lyanna Mormont. She also played Angelica in HBO’s His Dark Materials.

Both of their Game of Thrones characters actually have something in common as well, as they both managed to get revenge on their murderers. Before dying, Lyanna killed the giant that caused her mortal injuries.

Oberyn poisoned the Mountain, which brought him a painful death, although he did come back to life afterward. In addition to the cast, there are also more than a few members of the TLOU crew that have worked on both productions. While it might be a coincidence, this is most likely due to both shows being HBO productions.

Although he didn’t appear in GOT, another HBO veteran is set to appear in The Last of Us. Murray Bartlett played Armond in the first season of The White Lotus and will appear as Frank in TLOU. This is only the first season of the show, so maybe some more cast members from various HBO originals will appear in an upcoming season. 

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