Amazon Prime Video Picks Up Simon Pegg And Nick Frost’s Truth Seekers


The Cornetto Trilogy finished many years ago, but that apparently won’t stop the stars from continuing to reunite. That’s right, folks: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are teaming up yet again and this time, they aim to tackle another supernatural foe in the form of ghosts. Ahhh!

The new show, called Truth Seekers, has been picked up by Amazon Prime Video this week, with production set to kick off in September. The duo have been developing the series for quite a while now, so this is certainly wonderful news to all.

From what we understand, the project will feature Frost and Pegg as Gus and Dave, two ghost hunters who stalk across the creepiest parts of the UK looking for any evidence of a spook, spectre or ghost. Truth Seekers is being billed as a horror-comedy, and the show seems to be set up for more of a monster-of-the-week type of thing, building up to a threat that may pose a crisis to all of mankind. You know, just your average, everyday world-ending kinda thing.


Pegg and Frost haven’t been paired together on screen since, well, technically 2018’s Slaughterhouse Rulez, the first movie released through their new production company, the Sony-backed Stolen Picture, which is also producing this show. But more famously, they haven’t been best buds since the kind-of disappointing conclusion of the Cornetto Trilogy, The World’s End. Hopefully, then, Truth Seekers will be a great return to form, hopefully reaching Spaced levels of goodness. 

Alas, Edgar Wright is nowhere to be seen, which is a bummer. But hey, that dude’s got bigger fish to fry, I suppose. I have good faith in this show regardless, as Amazon has a pretty stellar track record of original content production, especially with stuff from across the pond, like Fleabag. Also, since the failure of Ghosted and the bust that was the return of The X-Files, I think we need a good ghost show these days and what better guys to do it than zombie apocalypse survivors – well, one, anyway.