Amber Rose Revah And Michael Nathanson Spotted On The Set of The Punisher


So far, we’ve seen a lot of Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle on the set of Marvel and Netflix’s The Punisher in New York City (the latest set photos featured the actor rocking a new look). This past weekend, even more images surfaced but instead of focusing on the titular anti-hero, they shine the spotlight on some key members of the highly anticipated spinoff’s supporting cast.

The photos – which can be viewed at Getty Images – offer up a first look at Amber Rose Revah (House of Saddam) as “highly-trained sophisticated Homeland Security agent” Dinah Madani. Joining her is The Knick‘s Michael Nathanson, an actor who has not yet been officially announced as being part of The Punisher‘s cast. He’s presumably playing a colleague of some sort, though it’s not clear from these photos alone just how significant a role he’ll have in the series.


Frank Castle has butted heads with various law enforcement agencies over the years, so the fact that Homeland Security is now trying to track him down is no real surprise, especially as the whole “Micro” thing teased in Daredevil season 2 points to a pretty major conspiracy being covered up.

There aren’t really any specific clues in these images or the comics which we can use to decipher what’s going on here, and the plot of The Punisher remains under wraps for now. We do know that it will air at some point next year, but beyond that, we’ll just have to wait for Marvel and Netflix to reveal some official details when they see fit.

Source: Getty Images