AMC Reveals The Walking Dead Season 10 Finale Air Date

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The Walking Dead fans have been waiting a very long time now for the season 10 finale. The pandemic hit at probably the most frustrating time possible for the post-apocalyptic drama, as though filming was complete, post-production on just the last episode of the run had yet to be finished when lockdown took affect. The result was that AMC had to pull the finale from schedules indefinitely. But, at last, we finally know when to expect the episode.

During today’s TWD virtual panel at [email protected], it was announced that season 10, episode 16, titled “A Certain Doom,” will air on the network on Sunday, October 4th. Originally, the finale was supposed to premiere on April 12th, so that’s a full six month delay. The finale will now arrive one week prior to Fear the Walking Dead‘s season 6 premiere on October 11th.

As for what we know so far about the closing episode, well, it’ll pick up where things left off in the penultimate installment, with Beta sending a horde of walkers to surround the tower where the survivors are hiding out. It seems they’ll get out of that by covering themselves in zombie guts, but surely not everyone’s going to escape unscathed, right?

Meanwhile, there are a couple of new additions to look forward to. For one, there’s a mysterious masked individual who saves Alden and Aaron from some Whisperers. Who are they? Fans have various theories, but we can’t say for sure just yet. Secondly, Lauren Cohan is returning as Maggie, after leaving in the early part of season 9. The good news is that this isn’t just a guest spot, either, as she’ll be sticking around as a regular again for season 11.

Everything we’ve heard about the finale makes it sound like a thrilling conclusion to what was already a strong season of The Walking Dead overall, so hopefully it’ll prove to be worth the elongated wait.

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