AMC Releases Several New Featurettes For The Walking Dead


You’ve got to feel bad for fans of The Walking Dead who didn’t manage to catch the season 7 premiere last night. Even with a concentrated effort to stay off of social media, it’d be tough to have avoided all the spoilers that rolled out after the episode ended. Whether it be on the internet, on television or just around the water cooler at work, it was almost impossible to avoid talk of AMC’s hit series today.

By now, it seems like everyone’s all caught up on the shocking events from last night. Or at least, that’s what the network hopes, as they’ve released several new featurettes revolving around the new season, and they’re quite spoiler heavy. Two of the videos feature Negan’s latest victims, Glenn and Abraham, while the other two take more of a behind the scenes look at the show.

There’s nothing in here that hasn’t been made public already, at least as far as plot points go, but there’s still enough footage to justify a watch and if nothing else, it’s certainly nice to get a bit more time with the two aforementioned characters, as they both fell victim to a barbaric death last night during the premiere.

We’ve included all of the videos below for your viewing pleasure, along with the latest episode of We Got This Covered’s TV Talk in case you missed it (in which we discuss the premiere). If all that isn’t enough to satisfy your itch for all things The Walking Dead, then be sure to check out the promos for next week’s episode as well, which tease us with what’s next for our beloved characters now that they’re without Glenn and Abraham.

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