Is American Horror Story Going Post-Apocalyptic For Season 8?


Since it erupted onto television screens in 2011, Golden Globe winning actress Sarah Paulson has been a core part of the American Horror Story anthology series. In a starring cast of 27, across seven very different seasons, only Paulson and Evan Peters have the distinction of having featured in each one. It came as little surprise, then, to learn a few months back that the actress will be involved in the upcoming eighth season.

If you recall, though, at the time, creator Ryan Murphy also hinted that the next outing of the hit series will take place in the “near future.” He wouldn’t elaborate any further – he’s renowned for his caginess when it comes to early information about plans for forthcoming seasons of American Horror Story, after all – but today, we might just have discovered something that paints a clearer picture of what to expect.

And that’s because 20th Century Fox has filed a trademark for the title American Horror Story: Radioactive, hinting at the direction they’re heading in with season 8. It’d make sense, too, given the whole “near future” setting, and leads us to believe that the story will take place in a post-apocalyptic world, or something similar.

american horror story twisty

Perhaps things will kick off after a nuclear holocaust has destroyed much of the planet? And maybe we’ll even get to see zombies or aliens? After all, American Horror Story certainly isn’t known for playing it safe and has never been afraid to get very, very weird and twisted. So, we can only imagine what Ryan Murphy will do given a post-apocalyptic world to play around in.

As is often the case, plot details and the like are going to be kept under tight lock and key until much closer to the premiere of season 8, which won’t be until later this year. But with the cat now sort of out of the bag, feel free to start speculating about what the next installment of American Horror Story may involve down in the comments section below.