American Horror Story And Jessica Lange Will Be Back For Season 3

If there’s one show that has gained a sudden dramatic jump in popularity, its FX’s creep-a-thon American Horror Story. The second season’s boosted ratings have already garnered a third season renewal, with production for another 13 episode mini-series beginning next summer.

Like American Horror Story: Asylum, a new story and location will be involved as well as returning actors from the previous seasons. Of course, Jessica Lange will return too as she has been the show’s feature star and has been racking up the awards thanks to her memorably perverse performance.

FX president John Landgraf is obviously pleased with the show’s success and had nothing but praise for its executive producers Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk.

“With American Horror Story: Asylum, Ryan and Brad have raised the bar in every way from Murder House, the first American Horror Story miniseries. And their original idea—the notion of doing an anthological series of miniseries with a repertory cast—has proven groundbreaking, wildly successful and will prove to be trendsetting. We can’t wait to see what deviously brilliant ideas they come up with for their third miniseries.”

Murphy, the show’s creator, is just as positive.

“The ‘American Horror Story’ anthology is a labor of love for all of us and we could not be prouder of the work our brilliant company of actors and everyone on the production team is doing this year. To John and our friends at FX and Dana Walden and Gary Newman at 20th, we thank you for your vote of confidence — and to our loyal audience, keep watching!”

Be sure to check out American Horror Story: Asylum, airing Wednesdays @10pm on FX.

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