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American Horror Story Season 1-04 ‘Halloween (Part 1)’ Recap

Sorry for the delay in recaps, but let's be honest: this show is absolutely crazy. Of course, this is a great thing, and in only three episodes, we've been given some amazing moments that take other shows years to develop. So far, we've seen a crazy violent house invasion, a creepy history of the house (and the illegal abortions that took place in the basement), and a murder with a shovel (totally awesome).

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Sorry for the delay in recaps, but let’s be honest: this show is absolutely crazy. Of course, this is a great thing, and in only three episodes, we’ve been given some amazing moments that take other shows years to develop. So far, we’ve seen a crazy violent house invasion, a creepy history of the house (and the illegal abortions that took place in the basement), and a murder with a shovel (totally awesome). But tonight is especially exciting, because tonight begins part one of the two part Halloween special.

For a show like American Horror Story, that can only mean some crazy things are about to happen. For tonight’s recap, I’m going to go ahead and assume you’ve all been keeping up with the episodes, because trying to explain everything that’s been happening would make my precious head explode.

The night begins with a gay couple living in the Harmon’s house (obviously before them), with the fabulous Zachary Quinto making up half of it. The couple gets in a pretty fiery argument where they reveal they’re having the same money issues that the Harmon’s are, such as having their money tied up in the house.

As Quinto’s character is left home alone, the man in the latex suit shows up again and while seducing him, grabs Quinto and drowns him the apple dunking tub. Of course, all of this happens just as the boyfriend walks in, where he spots the latex man. Then we cut to the still amazing opening sequence.

Fun fact: the score for this scene was created by one Charlie Clouser, the genius who has worked with Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails, while also creating the iconic song Hello Zepp, which has become synonymous with the Saw franchise.

Anyways, back in the present, Ben and Vivien are arguing with the realtor about trying to sell their house. Vivien reveals that last night the house was egged, but we see that the kids who did the act were actually the boys from the series premier who were killed! A young man is then seen reading to Addy about Halloween, before he kisses Constance goodbye. Constance and Addy then get in a fight, apparently over the man. It seems that the two girls have had to compete over men before, which is just weird, but it’s not even worth noting that anymore. Addy makes it a point to say “The dead can walk free on Halloween!” Constance responds with a cryptic “You’ve always known that.”

Back at the Harmon’s, Larry returns and tries to blackmail Ben about Hayden’s murder, but Ben kicks him out. Tate is still seeing Ben for help, and Ben asks him about why he was in the house during the break-in. Tate explains that he let himself in, and Ben decides to give him one more chance before giving him to another doctor.

Meanwhile, Vivien meets up with a police officer in the house who helps explain the security system that they are about to install. And elsewhere, Old Moira, while carving a ton of pumpkins, asks for Halloween off to “visit her mother.”

Vivien then meets Quinto’s character (!!) who reveals his name is Chad. Did anybody else think he was dead? Instead of appearing as the owners, they appear as the realtors “fluffers,” people meant to spruce up the house for Halloween so people will consider buying it. Patrick (the boyfriend) and Chad get in more arguments, but then Patrick tries to seduce Ben when they’re alone.

Ben of course rejects him, and Pat reveals that “it’s been a long time for him.” While Chad and Vivien are alone, he reveals that he also caught Patrick cheating, and gives her advice on how to find out if Ben is. Upstairs, Violet finds Addy hiding under her bed, who wants Violet to make her a pretty lady for Halloween.

They talk about Tate and other things, such as how Addy’s friends live in the Harmon’s house. Constance freaks out when she sees Addy all dolled up, and pretty much tells her that she’s ugly and lucky to be alive. Violet heads to the basement to meet Tate at midnight, and instead runs into the black latex man…who is actually just Tate in disguise.

After a kiss, Tate breaks out a ouija board for some fun. He also starts to reveal more about the history of the house. Dr. Charles Montgomery was a doctor to the stars and a drug addict, who is then caught by one of his patients’ boyfriends. The boyfriend kidnaps Charles’ and his wife’s child, who is then returned to them in various jars of liquid. This helps to explain one part of the opening sequence, by the way.  Anyways, the good doctor goes crazy and tries to sew together the baby. Tate reveals that this monstrosity still remains in the house, but Violet isn’t buying it, so they leave the basement.

Ben and Tate are then shown at their coffee meeting, where Ben reveals that he was just like Tate when he was younger, before he breaks down and cries. Quick jump back to Addy and Constance, where they actually seem to bond and get along. Then another quick jump to the Harmon house, where Ben is dressing up like a vampire. But the fun stops when Vivien asks him about Hayden. He lies about seeing her in Boston and everything else that has been happening, and just as he is making up for it, he gets a call from Hayden. Should I remind the class that young Hayden is dead? Back downstairs, Chad is reminiscing about the apple dunking tub, and he freaks out about the apples that are inside it.

He then tells the Harmons to leave, and Vivien starts freaking out and breaking stuff all over the house until they leave. The latex man makes a quick appearance, but apparently only Chad and Patrick can see him. As soon as Vivien tells Ben that she wants him gone, the baby in her belly begins to kick, even though it’s only eight weeks old, so they rush to the hospital, leaving Violet home alone.

Addy shows up at the Harmon’s doors to get candy, and she has a confrontation with a few hot girls on the stoop. As she runs across the street to walk with them, she gets slammed by a car that doesn’t stop for a second. Did Addy seriously get killed off this early? At the hospital, the nurse giving the baby a look on the monitor passes out before we can see what she saw. Constance shows up in the street where Addy got hit and drags her back to their yard.

Of course this does nothing to save her. Meanwhile, who else forgot about Old Moira? She’s been at the hospital visiting her mother, where she reveals that it’s her fault her mother is in the hospital. Of course, she takes off her mother’s oxygen and lets her die, because what else would someone do on this show? As she sits on the bed mourning her recent death, the ghost of her mother beckons Moira to come with her.

Meanwhile, Violet remains at home where Larry is standing outside demanding his money. As she backs away from the door, we see latex man standing right behind her. As Ben and Vivien return home, they can’t find Violet, but when the doorbell rings, Ben answers it to find a very dead Hayden standing there before he slams the door in her face.

And that is how the episode ends! As amazingly awesome as this series has been so far, I feel like they’re starting to bury themselves in unanswered mysteries. I really do love that they just keep piling on the story, as one of my major concerns was that they would run out of material much too soon. However, everything is starting to get a little confusing and disorienting. But because it’s pretty much an integral part of the show, I’m not complaining. Let us revel in the weirdness that is American Horror Story!

Check back next week for the recap of the final part of the Halloween episodes, which is already looking even crazier than tonight’s episode. Let us know what you thought in the comments!