American Horror Story Season 1-09 ‘Spooky Little Girl’ Recap

Last week’s episode of American Horror Story was perfect. I say this because it was chilling, effective, and answered enough major questions to keep me from being aggravated while also leaving enough to keep me watching. What Ryan Murphy did with his show last week was nothing short of a miracle. Here’s to hoping he can keep up the momentum with this week’s episode!

This week begins in 1947 with a young woman going to see a dentist who works out of Murder House. He puts her under the gas (after taking a dahlia out of her hair…foreshadowing?). Later that day, a woman finds the body of the woman in some grass, dead with her mouth cut in the shape of a Chelsea smile. Sounds a bit like the Black Dahlia case, eh?

Back in the present, Moira confronts Ben about how he’s always staring at her and how she knows he wants her, but Ben resists her advances. Constance is seen painting when her young lover Travis comes in. They get in a fight about Addie and he leaves with their dog. Outside of Murder House, he meets Hayden and gets seduced by her. She uses it as revenge against Constance for some reason.

The next day, Ben is confronted by a federal agent and Hayden’s sister who are asking about Hayden’s whereabouts. Just in time, Hayden shows up. Since she’s dead, it’s pretty confusing for Ben. She doesn’t tell him that she’s dead but tells him she had the abortion.

As she leaves, the woman from the beginning of the show (Elizabeth Smith) arrives for an appointment with Ben. He calls her beautiful as a compliment, and she tries to seduce him as a form of payment since she has no money. Ben has a fantasy about kissing her, but he resists in the real world. Vivien’s doctor then calls Ben and tells him that her twins come from two different fathers. Of course, we know that one is Tate’s, and I’m guessing the other one is Ben’s. He’s not really too peachy after he hears that news.

Constance storms into the house and accuses Violet of stealing Travis, but Moira tells her that Violet loves Tate instead. She also spills the beans about Tate being the father of one of Vivien’s babies. Constance finds Tate in the house and confronts him about Vivien before she beats the crap out of him. Ben later sees Moira and Elizabeth kissing on the couch and imagines himself with them, but kicks them out before he gives in to temptation. He refuses to see Elizabeth anymore and fires Moira. Hayden shows up and talks to Elizabeth about who she really is.

We head back to the past again and see the dentist rape Elizabeth while she’s under the gas before realizing that he accidentally killed her. He drags her body into the basement and runs into Dr. Montgomery (the crazy surgeon who lived there before). The good doctor helps the dentist out by mutilating her body and giving her the smile. Elizabeth finally realizes who she is and feels fulfilled that she was at least famous in death.

Ben goes to visit Vivien at the hospital and angrily tells her that he’s not going to help her get out of the hospital even though he could. Afterwards, we see into the past as Ben and Hayden are at a bar, talking and having fun. But then it goes back to the present and shows the two talking on the spot where she was buried and he tells her that he doesn’t love her. She asks for a hug but then starts kissing him. Before she leaves, Hayden tells Ben she saw Luke (the security guard) leaving the house one morning, hinting that he might be having an affair with Vivien.

Next door, Constance is talking to Travis when she proposes to him, bombarding him with pleas to have a baby with her. Of course, he freaks out and tells her no, but she retaliates by telling him he’ll fail in Hollywood. They get in a big dramatic fight and Travis storms out, which leads him back to Murder House to hook up with Hayden again. Of course, afterwards he still decides to go back to Constance. However, Hayden stabs him before he can leave.

Immediately after he dies, his spirit appears in the house, along with Elizabeth and the surgeon. They discuss ways to dispose of the body before flashing to a group of guys finding it in the exact same manner as Elizabeth’s corpse. We then see Larry leaving the scene, leading us to believe he put the body there. Meanwhile, Vivien is restless in her hospital room when Constance comes to visit. She tells her that she will be there for her and help Vivien with the babies before Vivien tells her about how she was raped. She doesn’t want anybody to know that she still feels this way because everyone will think that she’s crazy.

Back at home, Ben sets off the alarm to get Luke over to their house to confront him about the baby. Luke reveals that he’s shooting blanks and that he never did anything with her anyways before leaving. Later that night, Ben digs out the rubber suit and asks Moira about it because he’s starting to realize that Vivien was right about someone attacking her. Just as she leaves, Moira turns into her older version and tells him that he’s “starting to see things the way they are.”

Constance is talking with Billie Dean and asks her what would happen if a spirit and a human had sex and actually made a baby. BD then tells her about the Pope’s Box, which is a box that is shown to new popes that reveals how the world will end. The secret is that a baby born of human and spirit is…drumroll please…THE ANTICHRIST!

Before we can get anymore information about it, the episode ends. The ending didn’t have the impact it could have since the preview for this episode gave away the twist (bad move on their part). Although still a good episode, it wasn’t as interesting or fast paced as the last few have been. Luckily, next week’s episode will make up for the lack of Tate this week. Keep an eye out for next week’s recap and let us know what you thought about tonight’s episode!