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American Horror Story Season 1-12 ‘Afterbirth’ Recap

We all know that Violet is dead, and after the birth of the evil twin last week, Vivien is dead too. Of course, this is partly because Violet convinced her to just die and live with her. Now we're left with Ben, Constance and the evil little baby as the only people alive in the house. Check out how the rest of the season finale played out below!

Sorry for the missing update last week, but when your laptop is broken, it’s never convenient. Hopefully you all still watched it though, because it was a pretty amazing episode. If you’re not caught up, stop reading now because there are major spoilers ahead.

We all know that Violet is dead, and after the birth of the evil twin last week, Vivien is dead too. Of course, this is partly because Violet convinced her to just die and live with her. Now we’re left with Ben, Constance and the evil little baby as the only people alive in the house. Check out how the rest of the season finale played out below!

The finale begins nine months before the last episode, with Ben and Vivien discussing the future in their old house. Ben shows her the ad for Murder House, and after some hesitation, he convinces her to at least go look at it. Then we jump forward to the present, with Ben searching through the empty house for his dead wife and child. After his freakout, he goes to get his baby back from Constance, who has apparently been watching it for a while now. She tries to explain to him how the baby is safer in her house where the ghosts can’t get him, but he takes the baby anyways.

Back in the house, Moira and Vivien discuss Ben and the new baby and Vivien describes him as a good father. She tells Moira that her and Violet have promised not to show themselves to him so that he will want to leave the house. Ben leaves a ton of keys and other things on the counter for Vivien’s sister, who is to arrive soon. He then puts a loaded gun to his head, planning to kill himself.

Just as he is about to pull the trigger, Vivien appears and stops him. She finally forgives him for what he did and pleads for him to take the baby and leave. Violet also appears and tells him why she hid from him (to keep him sane), and then she also tells him to get out. Ben kisses Vivien one more time before grabbing the baby and packing up. Just as he’s trying to leave, Hayden and Larry kill him, making it look he killed himself.

Sometime later, Marcy, the realtor is seen showing a young couple through the house. She tells them about how the previous owners (the Harmons) all died in the house. As the parents go off with Marcy, their son starts skateboarding through the house before he is attacked by the two redheaded boys. The family decides to buy the house and move in soon after.

Next door, Constance is talking to the detectives about where the Harmon’s baby is. Apparently it’s gone missing since Ben was killed. She then describes how she found Ben’s body and how she went to find the baby. In the basement, she finds Hayden with it, but then Travis “kills”her ghost and takes the baby. Instead of this, she tells the detectives she thinks Violet disappeared with the baby since no one else has found her body yet. After the detectives leave, she takes the baby out of a closet and reveals that she has had it the whole time.

Back in the Harmon’s (former) house, Violet appears in the boy’s (Gabe’s) room and starts talking to him, making Tate jealous. Downstairs, Ben and Vivien secretly watch the two new owners as they discuss having another babe since Gabe is graduating. Ben and Vivien agree with Moira to stop the couple from having a baby in the house, if only to save them from the torment it would bring them.

That night, we see someone in the rubber suit freak out the lady of the house. Tate then goes to Gabe’s room and tells him to stay away from Violet. Miguel, the father, is downstairs with his hands over the stove burners just like Ben was in the beginning, while the woman is upstairs being tormented by the ghosts of the house. Miguel gets taken into the other room by young Moira before old Moira replaces her and shows her the Dahlia girl.

Stacey runs into the basement, which we all know is just a terribleĀ  idea. Rubber man appears to scare them again, revealing that it was Ben inside the suit. She guts him with a knife before he shoots her in the head, but they both get back up and warn the family to leave the house before it gets worse. Violet appears in Gabe’s room and stops Tate from killing him. As the ghosts march outside, the new family flees in terror and the Harmon’s agree to scare everyone away from the house to save them all.

The Eternal Darkness tour stops by the house again, causing the realtor to freak out. As Ben is cleaning up inside, Tate approaches him and seeks therapy from Ben again. Instead, he calls him a psychopath and tells him therapy doesn’t work anyways. Ben finally sees through Tate’s fake remorse and tells him to take responsibility for all of the murders he’s committed.

He comes clean and tells Ben about all of the murders, begging him to just “hang out” with him sometimes. Meanwhile, Vivien is upstairs playing a cello (apparently that’s her thing), before she hears her baby crying in the basement. She finds Nora cradling the twin that died during birth and consoles the crying baby. Nora realizes she might not be the best mother in the world and lets Vivien take care of the baby for a while.

Vivien finds Moira cleaning upstairs, who claims that Nora only wanted to be a mother because she died clinging that idea. Vivien then asks Moira to be the dead baby’s godmother, which she gladly accepts. The family is then seen decorating a Christmas tree while they all celebrate the holiday together, happily. Outside, Tate and Hayden observe the happy family, and Tate says he would wait forever for Violet.

The show jumps ahead three years as Constance talks to her hairdresser about how everything bad that happened in her life was just preparing her for the baby she has now. When she returns home, she finds that her young child has killed the nanny and seems quite happy about it. She kneels down and asks him, “Now what am I going to do with you?”

And so ends season one of American Horror Story! I gotta admit, this last episode was pretty awesome. The fact that the whole Harmon family died by the end of the season is just crazy, as well as the whole “Antichrist” baby idea. Now that the family is dead, Ryan Murphy can go anywhere he wants with the series.

Sadly, we’ll have to wait for a year to see if he sticks with the Harmon’s or just jumps to a completely new family. I hope you all enjoyed the show as much as I have this season, and be sure to check back next season for more recaps!


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