In a sea of Marvel and Star Wars, an animated classic has ascended the streaming ranks on Disney Plus

Image via Disney

Disney Plus has a plethora of content, both new and old, to compete with other streaming giants such as Netflix. And it’s worked out well, with a report by The Verge revealing that Disney Plus received 7.9 million new subscribers during the first three months of 2022. But out of all the new content that the streaming service has to offer, only one show continues to dominate the top 10 on the Disney Plus platform.

According to FlixPatrol, the ongoing classic cartoon series, The Simpsons, has dominated Disney Plus’ Top 10 charts throughout the entire month of July. From Albania to Venezuela, the show was ranked at an average of 3.6 in over 60 countries. Meanwhile, in Latin America, the show ranked first in all 18 countries on Star Plus.

Other shows that ranked almost as highly are Family Guy with an average ranking of 3.1 on Disney Plus for 38 countries and 6.9 in 18 on Star Plus. And Bob’s Burgers ranked an average of 7.6 in five countries on Disney Plus.

The Simpsons has entertained audiences worldwide since 1989 and introduced us to a loveable, yet eccentric family of five who live in a town called Springfield. The show is memorable for iconic characters, memes, and stories that both the main and side characters have throughout their entire runtime. The show has had over 30 seasons and is still being made to this day with no signs of stopping. Celebrities such as Stephen Hawking, Lady Gaga, and Daniel Radcliffe have made guest appearances throughout the show’s run.

All 33 seasons of The Simpsons are available on Disney Plus.