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An unhinged 90s parody of a classic 70s sitcom is finally getting the love it deserves

There's more to love about this 'Brady Bunch' film asides from the "Sure Jan" meme.

Sure Jan The Brady Bunch
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In an era where streaming services and broadcast companies constantly produce new shows for us to watch, it’s sometimes nice to look back and appreciate the classics. While some of these programs may have not aged well or were relegated to meme status, it’s great to see the internet unite and acknowledge content that was popular in the past and still love to this day.

There’s no better example of this is the recent appreciation for the 90s parody classic The Brady Bunch Movie and its sequel, A Very Brady Sequel.

A tweet from @BenjaminCrew1 started the appreciation train, sharing the scene that helped spawn the “Sure Jan” meme. But rather than focusing on the meme, people are fawning all over the films in earnest.

Some believe the films are on par with Addams Family Values and managed to parody the 70s sitcom very well.

The love for the films later extended when fans found a recent tweet by Lizzo, where she asked people to “name a sequel that was better than the first one.” While most people called out Shrek 2, Home Alone 2, and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, fans made sure that A Very Brady Sequel got its flowers.

Some fans shared worry that the younger generation might mistake the 90s adaptation for the original, considering just how ridiculous it is. Regardless, they still appreciate the film for its comedy, especially making the ‘George Glass’ skit from the original 70s episode “The Not-So-Ugly Duckling” funnier than ever.

If people only know the show for that one meme or have watched the entire series, there is a certain charm that old TV shows and films have that modern shows do not. Complete, indisputable facts!

The Brady Bunch and A Very Brady Sequel are available to stream on Paramount Plus.

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