‘Andor’ is being compared to a 1970s classic film and fans ‘can’t unsee’ it now

Image via Disney Plus

To its fans and as a matter of critical consensus, Andor was the best bit of Star Wars storytelling we’ve gotten in a long time. A long, long time, and it’s not even close. With lukewarm reviews surrounding The Book of Boba Fett, and some questionable narrative choices throughout Obi-Wan Kenobi — the minds in charge of that galaxy far, far away hadn’t exactly been knocking things out of the park.

Then along comes Andor. It’s fresh, gritty, and portrays the realities of intergalactic rebellion in ways we’ve never seen. It’s been hailed as one of the, if not the best original show Disney has put out all year. Then again, it could be total crap, right? To each their own. One thing is certain though, Cassian Andor’s time in space prison was especially applauded as the best part of the show. Now it looks like one fan has made a striking connection to an unforgettable classic film that you have to see to believe.

We had no clue Cassian won a chance to tour around Willy Wonka’s factory. Wait, you’re saying he DIDN’T find a golden ticket in a Wonka Bar? That makes much more sense, but it’s certainly not as cool. All jokes aside, we can’t argue that the visual resemblance is uncanny, and fans around the world seem to agree.

One Reddit user had this to say about the whole ordeal; “A very wise Jedi once said ‘nothing happens by accident.’” In many ways, that couldn’t be more true. It’s certainly no coincidence that Andor looked to pull inspiration from the classic films that inspired Star Wars in the first place, and what better way to tap into ’70s science fiction than to put our heroes in pasty white jumpsuits.

This attention to detail in a show like Andor is exactly why the series was so succesful in the first place. More than that, it brings a little bit of hope back to a franchise that has been clearly struggling as of late — and in the end, hope is what Star Wars has always been about.