Apex Legends Developer Would Love To See A Netflix Animated Series

Apex Legends

At just over a year old, Apex Legends has already firmly established itself as one of the games industry’s most popular, lucrative properties. Having delivered the battle royale’s sixth season just days ago, developer Respawn Entertainment remains as committed to keeping the competitive shooter feeling fresh today as it was 12 months ago and the sky, it seems, is the limit, as far as ambitions for the future go.

Nowhere is that more evident, perhaps, than with Season 6 itself. Besides adding the usual wealth of content – playable characters, weapons, balance adjustments – that fans have come to expect, Boosted also marked the introduction of all-new features such as crafting and evolving armor (now a permanent addition, following a trial run earlier in the year), but it’s not just the core experience itself that the developer is keen to work on.

When asked in a recent interview with GamesRadar about the prospect of any spinoff media down the road, game director Chad Grenier was outwardly ecstatic over the idea. “Yeah, I would love to do that. That sounds awesome,” he says, adding, “a Netflix animated series of Apex? Sign me up!” It certainly seems as if the ball is in Netflix’s court, then, and while Grenier says that right now, the team is “focused on making the game,” he’d eagerly read any pitches for a TV series that are sent his way.

It’s worth noting, of course, that Respawn has produced a number of its own animated shorts that usually precede the arrival of new season, with the latest, featuring Rampart, looking slick indeed. Were a full-fledged series to happen, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a similar art style used, but what do you think? Is an animated series for Apex Legends a project worth pursuing, or do you think it’s better suited to staying in its native medium? Let us know in the usual place below!