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Arcane Nearly Tops U.S. Netflix—But Still Can’t Beat This Animated Comedy

League of Legends spinoff Arcane has been performing marvelously on Netflix, but it can't quite beat this popular animated comedy show.

After a series of new episodes for Act Two premiered on Saturday, Arcane once again topped Netflix’s global charts over the weekend. But despite its viral marketing campaign and widespread acclaim, Riot Games’ animated series can’t quite beat this coming-of-age comedy in the States.

Netflix’s Big Mouth holds steady as the number one show on U.S. Netflix today, a title that the series has maintained since Nov. 6. On Sunday, Arcane was just one slot away from beating Big Mouth as the most popular show in the country, thanks in no small part to its new act. But while Big Mouth continues to lead, Arcane has dropped to sixth in the U.S. as of this morning.

American viewers may not be taking to Arcane as much as Big Mouth, but there’s no doubt Riot Games’ League of Legends series is an international sensation. Arcane leads Squid Game, Narcos: Mexico, You, and Animal worldwide as Netflix’s top show this morning.

The nine-episode TV series, which follows two of the most popular female characters in Riot’s multiplayer online battle arena game, has held first place worldwide since Sunday. Last week, the show also gained first place internationally on Monday and Tuesday.

Arcane is expected to wrap up on Saturday, Nov. 20, with its final three season one episodes. At this rate, it seems likely Riot will close out its TV show’s first season with yet another ratings rally on the streaming giant, just in time for the American Thanksgiving holidays.

In the meantime, Squid Game sits patiently in the wings this week in second place worldwide, waiting to dethrone Arcane once again.

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