‘Arcane’ showrunners promise Vi x Caitlyn shippers ‘will be happy’ with season two

Image via Riot Games / Arcane

While most of us Arcane fans would probably agree that the chemistry between Vi and Caitlyn essentially made the League of Legends animated adaptation, it’s no secret that Riot Games beat around the bush when it came to actually acknowledging the romantic spark between the two characters in season one.

If that indeed threw you off in the first outing, showrunners Alex Yee and Christian Linke have promised that Vi x Caitlyn shippers will be pleased with how the forthcoming run will play out. In a recent chat as part of the BAFTA Game Awards ceremony, the two producers explained how the dynamic between Vi and Caitlyn essentially defines the next chapter in the story.

“We have always wanted to tell an organic story about Caitlyn and Vi that feels like it’s really true to how we see them, and how they’ve been seen,” Yee said. “The way in which we wanted to roll that story out has always been sort of determined. What you will see in season two will be part of the big picture that we’ve had all along.”

Linke further reassured fans that the duo will be at the center of the narrative, saying that “you’ll be happy” with the way things progress from the season one finale.

Vi and Caitlyn have yet to even confess their feelings for one another, with the first season incorporating a ton of will-they-won’t-they back and forth that naturally pissed off quite a few fans. This is, after all, one of the most clichéd and played-out tropes in the history of television, so we’re grateful that Arcane producers are ditching it in favor of a more head-on approach.