Archer Earns A Two Season Renewal


While we’re sure that Sterling Archer – gloriously self-centred animated star that he is – would not be in the least bit surprised at the popularity of his show, the news of a two-season renewal for Archer is pretty big. At a time when networks and studios are being increasingly cautious with their commitments, ordering a further 26 episodes of anything is a huge vote of confidence.

The award-winning show premiered in January 2010, and is now enjoying an increase in viewership in its fifth season. The original premise of the show centred on the titular egotistical master spy, and his exploits as an agent of ISIS (International Secret Intelligence Service). He is helped and hindered in equal measure by his ex-girlfriend and fellow agent, Lana Kane, and his boss – who is also his mother – Malory Archer. A supporting cast of wonderfully dysfunctional characters help to make each episode hilariously off-the-wall.

In season five, however, the show has been re-vamped around these characters that have become beloved by Archer fans around the world. Branded as Archer Vice, the season finds ISIS disbanded, leaving the gang to try and sell a “literal tonne of cocaine” to facilitate early retirement. It’s this re-vamp, combined with the reliable quality of each episode, that has given the show a bump in ratings and its subsequent double renewal.

You would expect nothing less than an excellent show, given the calibre of talent involved. The formidable comedic voicing skills of H. Jon Benjamin, Aisha Tyler, Judy Greer, Amber Nash, Chris Parnell and Jessica Walter make up the regular cast, while guest stars have included Jeffrey Tambor, David Cross, Maggie Wheeler, Jon Hamm, Kristen Schaal, George Takei, Bryan Cranston, Jack McBrayer and Peter Serafinowicz.

Between the regular cast, guest stars, dark humour and a premise that is based around a dysfunctional family, much has been made of the similarities between Archer and Arrested Development over the years – so much so that creator Adam Reed once described it as “James Bond meets Arrested Development.” With this solid two-season renewal deal, however, Archer will far outlive Mitch Hurwitz’s fantastic show, which could almost be Archer’s distant cousin. Far from running out of steam, it seems that Adam Reed still has plenty left in the tank.

When the press asked for his comment on the news of the renewal, he replied:

“I am figuratively over the moon.”

Archer airs on FX on Mondays at 10pm.