Are Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson dating?

The Hollywood rumor mill is in overdrive over whether Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson and famous person Kim Kardashian might be dating.

The answer is yes, according to a number of sources. Davidson, 28, and Kardashian, 41, have apparently already gone on a number of dates in both New York City, where Davidson lives, and L.A., home of Kardashian and her family empire.

On a recent trip to California for his birthday, Davidson spent time with Kardashian’s mother Kris Jenner, as well as Flavor Flav. The two were then seen in matching pajamas which by some weird coincidence were pajamas that Kardashian was promoting at the time, called Skims. Davidson, Jenner, and Kardashian all reportedly wore the pajamas.

Check out a photo of the proceedings from Flav’s own Instagram page.

The couple was first seen acting amorously in late Oct. when they were holding each other’s hands at Knott’s Scary Farm in Southern California. They were genuinely affectionate with each other but stopped short of making out in front of everyone, apparently.

Davidson has dated quite a few celebrities over the years. He’s been attached to Larry David’s daughter Cazzie, Ariana Grande, and Kate Beckinsale.

Davidson recently talked about some of his dating pet peeves, and honestly, they’re pretty rational. For example, Davidson told iHeartMedia River Cafe Table 4 host Ruth Rodgers that being mean to a waiter was an absolute deal-breaker and that the date would be “immediately” over.

“In my head I would be like, ‘OK never, this is it,'” he said, adding that even saying excuse me to the waiter was crossing the line. “Like, just wait for the guy to walk by, and lightly (ask).”

The comedian also reportedly has a stellar relationship with his mother, something that people seem to really enjoy.

Emily Ratajkowski, a well-known model and actress, recently went on Late Night With Seth Meyers and sang Davidson’s praises.

“He’s got the height, obviously women find him very attractive,” she said. “Guys are like, ‘Wow, what’s that guy got?’ He seems super charming, vulnerable, lovely. His fingernail polish is awesome. He looks good! Good relationship with his mother, we love it!” 

We’ll just have to see how long this new relationship lasts.