Arrested Development Actors Let Season 4 Details Slip

Even six years after its cancellation, the quirky, cult TV show Arrested Development is among the most critically adored and influential sitcoms ever. As the fourth season (and a possible film adaptation) approaches, more concrete details about the infamous Bluth family are starting to surface.

Workaholics star Adam DeVine has not only been photographed on the set of the show, but revealed more information about the season’s debut episode, “Michael.” During an interview with Screen Rant, DeVine revealed some cursory details about where the characters have been since the abrupt conclusion to season three.

“[Michael] is trying to get out of town and I work at the airline that he’s trying to get at and I’m totally inept. I don’t know how to print a ticket or get his bags on the plane, so he’s having a hard time with me.”

While it’s uncertain whether DeVine’s character is going to play a lasting role in the show or if he’ll be performing just a brief cameo, his comments have opened the first episode up to some speculation.

Also interviewed on Screen Rant was Alia Shawkat, who plays Maeybe Funke.

Shawkat, while decidedly more tight-lipped regarding the content of the new season, expressed excitement after returning to the show after so long, stating:

“It’s very surreal and awesome. I still feel like a teenager who’s insecure when I’m on set around all of the funny adults, trying to talk, but at the same time, everything has changed, and you’re trying to catch up.”

Given the excellent chemistry between the actors, it’s good to see that the cast members are as excited about the project as the fans are. It will be interesting to see whether the great yacht escape Michael and George-Michael made in the series finale will come into play or if DeVine’s airline employee will be yet another hurdle keeping Michael Bluth from escaping his family.

The fourth season will air on Netflix all at once this coming spring and depending on its success, a big-screen project is expected to follow soon after.