Come On! Arrested Development Will “Definitely” Return, Says Mitchell Hurwitz


Fans of the Bluth family will be tasting the happy now that show creator Mitchell Hurwitz has announced his intention to bring Netflix subscribers more Arrested Development.

Responding to a fan question while at the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal this week, Hurwitz said that the show will “definitely” be back. There’s clearly still money in Netflix’s banana stand, as the streaming company’s chief content officer Ted Sarandos was by Hurwitz’s side at the convention and seemed equally enthused by the prospect of further episodes.

On the future of Arrested Development, Hurwitz said the following:

“I kinda go back and forth between [a movie] and a series. But here’s the most important thing, whatever we do, I want to get the cast all together and not do another anthology thing, and that’s why I keep thinking about kicking off with a special or a three-part show and then going into a series.”

When Hurwitz asked Sarandos for his thoughts, the CCO said simply, “Absolutely, in any form.”

The cult comedy was cancelled by FOX in 2006 after three seasons, and Netflix revived it for a fifteen-episode fourth season this year. The new Arrested Development received mixed-to-positive reviews, with many conflicted over the show’s choice to spend each episode following one character over the same period of time, leading to many jokes which connected only after viewing multiple episodes.

Regardless of how the show chooses to continue the misadventures of the Bluth clan, the most important thing is that the original cast remains involved and the jokes stay fresh. With Hurwitz committed to meeting both of those criteria, the big question is not really “How?” but “When?”

What do you think? Should Arrested Development have stayed six feet under, or did the new season successfully continue the spirit of the original? And what do you want to see next – another season or an Arrested Development movie?

Source: /Film