Cayden James Attacks Oliver’s Heart In Arrow 6×13 Synopsis


The last few episodes of Arrow have seen the Emerald Archer’s band of vigilantes torn apart, with the old guard of Oliver, Felicity and Diggle breaking away from newbies Rene (Wild Dog), Dinah (Black Canary) and Curtis (Mister Terrific). Us viewers, though, know that this is all the work of scheming ubervillain Cayden James. And it seems he’s not yet done with manipulating Oliver’s life, if this new synopsis is anything to go by.

In the upcoming 13th episode of Arrow season 6, titled “The Devil’s Greatest Trick,” Michael Emerson’s hacker will attempt to bring down his hooded enemy for good by going straight for Oliver’s heart and attacking what he holds most dear. It’s also clear that the team will not have regrouped by the time this episode rolls around, with Oliver pondering whether he needs all the help he can get.

CAYDEN JAMES LAUNCHES A FULL OUT ATTACK — Cayden James (guest star Michael Emerson) discovers a secret about the Green Arrow (Stephen Amell) that pushes him over the edge. Knowing everyone and everything he loves is in danger, Oliver must decide if he can do this alone or if he needs to turn to his old teammates for help. William (guest star Jack Moore) starts to demand more of Oliver’s time. JJ Makaro directed the episode written by Sarah Tarkoff & Emilio Ortega Aldrich (#613). Original airdate 2/8/2018.

The scale of the threat escalated during Arrow‘s midseason finale when it was revealed that James had formed his own Legion of Doom-style league of villains in order to take down Team Arrow, including Black Siren, Ricardo Diaz, Vigilante and Olly’s old ex-KGB buddy, Anatoly. Oliver found out about the cabal in this week’s episode, but how can he possibly hope to fight against such a deadly union with his own team in tatters? By the looks of it, things are only going to get worse before they get any better.

Arrow‘s next episode, “We Fall” airs next Thursday on The CW. “The Devil’s Greatest Trick,” meanwhile, is set to air on February 8th.