Arrow Cast And Crew Share Moving Memories As Series Wraps Production


Work on Arrow season 8 just completed which means that the long-running CW DC TV show has finished for good. While fans have still got a couple of months left before the series disappears from our screens, it’s already feeling like the end as the cast and crew have been sharing their own heartfelt and nostalgic messages on social media to mark the monumental occasion. Like Stephen Amell, for example.

To begin with, though, EP Marc Guggenheim shared a letter directed at those who’ve helped create Arrow over the past eight years, reminding us all just how incredible an achievement the show is and how much it’s changed the landscape of superhero television.

Showrunner Beth Schwartz also took a moment to reminiscence about her first time visiting the Arrow set way back in 2012.

Colton Haynes’ Instagram post will be particularly special to fans as he shared a number of snaps taken across the years which see him hanging out with the various Team Arrow line-ups from over the seasons. In his caption, the Roy Harper star spoke about how much their friendship has meant to him through his personal ups and downs.

Katie Cassidy, meanwhile, posted a photo taken during season 8 filming, which sees Team Arrows past and future colliding. This is fitting, too, as Cassidy will continue on as Laurel Lance in the upcoming Green Arrow and the Canaries spinoff.

David Ramsey (John Diggle) decided to one-up Cassidy’s pic by sharing an image which features what looks to be the entire cast and crew of the series crammed into the Arrowcave set.

Juliana Harkavy decided to post a teary-eyed selfie taken when she first found out she was going to be playing Dinah Drake on Arrow four years ago. She talks about how much the experiences since have meant to her in the caption.

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I took this photo almost 4 years ago. I’d just gotten off a call with Warner Bros. where I learned my life was about to change forever. My journey on Arrow had begun, and I would be moving to Vancouver in a few days. I took this picture because I wanted to remember the feeling I had in that moment. The overwhelming excitement. The immense gratitude. At the time I had no idea where this adventure would lead. I didn’t know this show would have such an outstanding lifespan, or how many people, young and old, I would be able to meet and help through playing this character. Or how they would help me. Most of all, I didn’t know the greatest gift was waiting on the other side of the border. My cast. Who would welcome me with open arms and become my greatest source of strength. My soulmates. My family. And Stephen, our gracious and unwavering leader, to whom I am eternally grateful. Today begins our last week on Arrow. As thankful as I felt the day this photo was taken, nothing could describe how much that love and gratitude has grown. I am so proud of our cast, crew, writers, and producers. I hope you enjoy this final season. And I hope when you look back, you’ll find this story has moved you, inspired you, and changed you for the better. Because of #Arrow, I have been changed, for good. Thank you, thank you, thank you. ??

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Last but not least, Colin Donnell recollected what it was like when he first started his Arrow career as Tommy Merlyn back in the day.

Keep it together, Arrow fans. Production may have wrapped, but there’s still several episodes left to go on TV. Installment 8×06 “Prochnost” airs this Tuesday, November 19th on The CW.