Arrow Cast Reacts To Colton Haynes’ Return As Series Regular For Season 7


To date, Arrow has brought us its share of memorable characters such as Manu Bennett’s Deathstroke, Caity Lotz’s Sara Lance (insert your favorite Canary moniker here) and, don’t forget, even Grant Gustin got his start there as Barry Allen! Yep, there’s a very good reason why it spawned what we now refer to as “the Arrowverse.”

But whether one’s putting together a short or long list of those to have made an impression on viewers, you’d be remiss if not to include Roy Harper. Played by fan favorite Colton Haynes, this young man debuted all the way back in season 1 before blossoming into the hero known as Arsenal. Of course, he did bounce after season 3, but he resurfaced for some guest shots here and there in the time since.

In fact, Haynes’ most recent visit to Star City earlier this year is what perhaps caused him to catch the fever again. By that, we mean he’s coming back as a series regular for season 7, the news of which may have caused a percentage of you reading this to bust out your best dance moves.

But with so much having gone on in this show as of late, it seems the rest of the principal cast haven’t had the proper platform to weigh in on the comeback story. Fortunately, a few of them got to express their happiness over the weekend at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in Nashville.

Here’s what they had to say:

Katie Cassidy: “I love Colton, in general. I’m just like ‘You can never get too much Colton.’ I think everybody [is excited to have him back.]”

David Ramsey: “We’re lucky to have Colton back. We really are. He’s awesome.”

Juliana Harkavy: “He’s a very special person.”

colton haynes Arrow

Ramsey wasn’t done offering compliments, either, adding that his guess as to how Roy will return is as good as anyone else’s:

“I’m not sure how he’s coming back yet. I’m interested in the writing and what they’re going to do there. But just having Colton’s presence there is fantastic.”

While it could be months before we know the answer, it’d be wise to tune in for Arrow‘s season finale this Thursday night on The CW. If you were to ask us, that may be the first place you’ll want to go to start sniffing around for clues.