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Arrow Delivers New Stripped-Down Season 2 Promo Posters

As if it isn't enough that fans of Arrow occasionally get to see Stephen Amell ('Oliver Queen') engage in partial nudity, now they have three more scantily clad reasons to tune in.



As if it isn’t enough that fans of Arrow occasionally get to see Stephen Amell (‘Oliver Queen’) engage in partial nudity, now they have three more scantily clad reasons to tune in.

The CW just released a second set of promo posters for season 2 of Arrow that feature pretty much the entire male cast looking very topless, and very ripped. I don’t remember hearing that it was a requirement for being cast on the show, but that definitely seems to be the case if we can consider these posters as evidence.

Amell, along with co-stars David Ramsey (‘Diggle’), Colton Haynes (‘Roy Harper’), and Manu Bennett (‘Slade Wilson’) are showing off a different kind of talent when they strip down for your enjoyment – and hopefully there are no complaints. Although fans of Arrow have other excuses for watching, it doesn’t hurt to add a few more in the off-season.

If you haven’t seen Arrow yet, this show of gratuitous nudity doesn’t exactly give you an idea of what to expect. Besides Oliver’s more publicized role as a billionaire playboy recently rescued from a 5-year stint on a “deserted” island, he spends a bulk of his time fighting crime as ‘The Hood.’ As we head into season 2, Oliver (Amell) is going to be dealing with not being able to save the Glades, and losing his best friend. Coming to terms with these two failures at the same time that new threats enter Starling City limits will push Oliver to his breaking point. Will he be able to fight them off, or will the newest weights on his shoulders prove to be too much?

Season 2 of Arrow premieres on Wednesday, October 9 at 8/7 PM CT, and the CW has promised fans at least one more promo poster before the new season kicks off. Are you excited for round 2? Let us know in the comment section below!

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