Arrow Producers Release Official Statement On Show’s Cancellation


Earlier tonight, Arrow star Stephen Amell confirmed that the upcoming season 8 would be his final time playing the Emerald Archer as the long-running DC TV show is coming to an end with a special shortened 10 episode run this fall. It sent shockwaves through the Arrowverse fandom, as this was the first time we’d officially heard about the show’s cancellation, and following Amell’s announcement, The Hollywood Reporter has shared a statement from showrunner Beth Schwartz and exec producers Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim.

In it, the three of them explain that it was a “difficult decision” to call time on the series but promised a strong conclusion to Oliver Queen’s adventures and that the shared universe it spawned will live on for “many years to come.”

“This was a difficult decision to come to, but like every hard decision we’ve made for the past seven years, it was with the best interests of Arrow in mind,” the statement reads. “We’re heartened by the fact that Arrow has birthed an entire universe of shows that will continue on for many years to come. We’re excited about crafting a conclusion that honors the show, its characters and its legacy and are grateful to all the writers, producers, actors, and — more importantly — the incredible crew that has sustained us and the show for over seven years.”

It’s not entirely clear whether Arrow‘s end is a network decision or comes from the creative team. It does seem like The CW is hoping to shake up the Arrowverse in a big way, though, likely to prevent the viewership from drying up. After all, our sources already told us last month that Arrow might be on its way out and also that Legends of Tomorrow is coming to a close after its fifth season.

Of course, Arrow‘s conclusion will certainly have major ramifications for the franchise. At least partly because all the signs are pointing to the Green Arrow meeting his maker in the upcoming “Crisis on Infinite Earths” event. Last year’s “Elseworlds” crossover teased that Oliver had made a deal with the Monitor to spare the Flash and Supergirl in exchange for his own life. What better way to end the character’s journey then to die sacrificing himself for his friends, right?

Hang on a minute, I’ve just got something in my eye…