Arrow Producer Teases The Eventual Reveal Of Prometheus’ Identity


Season 5 of Arrow has introduced a new big bad in the form of Prometheus, a character who shares a name with someone from the comic books, but is in actual fact an entirely new creation. As a result, we have no idea who’s beneath the mask, and that’s something The CW series has been teasing us with for months now.

There are a lot of different theories out there, but at this stage, most fans would just like to know when the show plans on revealing Prometheus to both us and the members of Team Arrow. Now, in a new interview, executive producer Marc Guggenheim has confirmed that they’ve known who the villain is from the start and that we can expect to learn more about his plans soon.

“Yes, we did. And no, it hasn’t changed. We always go in with a plan, and do tend to call audibles as we get inspired and get new ideas. A year is a long time. But generally speaking, something that major, like the mystery of the identity of the big bad, we’re pretty dialed into, from the jump.

For me, Episode 514 is this fulcrum where a lot of the little seeds that have been planted in the first half of the season start to come to fruition and you start to realize that Prometheus has been setting up a chess board. The episode ends with the next key move in Prometheus’ grand plan.”

That should move the overarching storyline along very nicely, but how much longer will we have to wait before Prometheus’ identity is finally revealed? Guggenheim was unwilling to get into specifics, obviously, though he did drop at least a hint in regards to when we should expect to learn more about arguably Arrow‘s most formidable villain to date.

“I will say that it happens later than we typically do it.”

It sounds like we could be waiting until close to the finale then to find out more, so here’s hoping the reveal is a satisfying one. After all, fans did not react well to season 4’s big twist – that it was Laurel Lance in the grave Oliver visited in the premiere – and it’s now up to Arrow to make sure that the Prometheus twist has a more lasting and meaningful impact.