Arrow Reveals Star City’s True Future In Latest Episode


Even though Legends of Tomorrow once showed us a future that could’ve been in “Star City 2046,” it’s important to note how any glimpses into the horizon on that particular series aren’t set in stone. But when it comes to Arrow, however, anything revealed via the new flash forwards is what’ll truly happen down the road.

That said, we’ll again point out how showrunner Beth Schwartz has said “Star City 2046” isn’t what she and her colleagues are building towards, so it’s best you get that notion out of your head. Fortunately, though, we were granted some answers last night during “Level Two.”

While visiting the world of tomorrow with William and Roy Harper, we found them venturing to a derelict Smoak Technologies, thus confirming that outfit will take shape at some point. Once inside, they were confronted by Dinah Drake, who’s very much kicking butt as Black Canary in 2038.

Aside from some modifications made to her costume, a scar could be glimpsed around her throat, thus insinuating she’ll eventually be forced to do battle without the aid of her signature Canary Cry. But hey, at least she didn’t forget how to put her staff to good use.

On top of that, a grownup Zoe Ramirez was fighting by her side, thus following in the footsteps of her father, Wild Dog, who won’t come anywhere near Star City for reasons unknown. Despite her parentage, Zoe’s costume more so resembled a Bird of Prey, if you will, so it should be interesting to see if she adopts the Black Canary moniker one day, or if she’s called something else entirely.

If that weren’t enough, we also learned that the Glades have been walled off Escape from New York-style and – get this – Felicity Smoak is dead. I’m betting the latter revelation set Twitter ablaze, with certain “shippers” no doubt experiencing steam shooting from their ears.

Arrow airs on Monday nights on The CW, so be sure to keep tuning in – and to keep watching this space, for that matter – in order to find out where the saga heads next.